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2019-05-31 由 家電論壇 發表于3C

知名音響雜誌《Stereophile》的「Recommended Components」是音響界含金量極高的評價,被很多音響廠商和發燒友所認可。該獎項評選內容包括唱機、CD機、數字處理器、環繞聲器材等。2019上半年,「Recommended Components: 2019 Edition」已經揭曉,加拿大 Moon by Simaudio 780D、340i D3PX、230HAD兩款產品成功入圍。


Moon by Simaudio 780D



Simaudio Moon 780D 旗艦解碼器,提供9組數碼輸入,並且標配有MiND網絡播放系統,780D支持DSD256、以及PCM 32-bit/384kHz升頻解碼。Simaudio Moon 780D採用全平衡線路的設計,基於ESS Technology Sabre ES9018 DAC解碼組件,配備Moon Hybrid Power高性能電源系統。同時Moon Neo 780D解碼器還可以配組無線協議模塊,方便多房間流媒體使用,也可以通過智慧型手機等設備控制播放。定位於高級市場。

Moon 780D不同於750D的地方在於後者是一台結合CD轉盤的DAC,而全新設計的Moon 780D則是一台強調具備強悍數字串流播放能力的高階DAC。將延續Simaudio的設計傳統,繼續採用全平衡差動式雙單聲道設計,左右聲道各自使用一枚DAC晶片,但這兩顆晶片內部各自有16道數字轉換線路,進行8組差動式解碼工作。DAC部分幾乎可以對應所有當前最高的數字音樂格式,包括quad rate DSD(DSD 256)以及32bit/ 384KHz。內建的時鐘精準度可達150飛秒的水平,幾乎消除所有時基誤差帶來的可能失真。

共計9組數字輸入,包括USB (hi-res audio)、AES/EBU、SPDIF (x3)、Optical (x2)、aptX藍牙, Ethernet/Wi-Fi,讓Moon 780D絕對夠資格成為家中數字音樂的中心。內建MiND(MOON intelligent Network Device)網絡串流播放器,能夠藉由Ethernet/Wi-Fi網絡連接,接收包括DSD規格在內的高音質串流音樂,或是您個人儲存在NAS或計算機里的音樂檔案;MiND可與您的手持裝置相結合,建構一個家庭共享的數字串流音樂環境。

Simaudio也在Moon 780D的電源上方面下足功夫。結合MHP混合式電源(Moon Hybrid Power,一種高性能的交換式與線性電源供應的混血設計)、M-LoVo(Moon Low Voltage)直流調節線路,以及i²DCf(Independent Inductive DC Filtering),以提供Moon 780D更乾淨、穩定的電源。本機也搭載了SimLink™,可建立與其他同廠器材間雙向溝通的連接。


Compared with Simaudio's Moon 650D and 750D transport-converters, the new 780D does away with physical media altogether, forcing those who desire real-time CD playback to use an external transport or a CD player with digital outputs. That said, also in comparison with the company's previous processors, the 780D adds both processing power—it can handle PCM files up to 384kHz and DSD up to 11.2896MHz, and its femtosecond clock is claimed to produce lower jitter—and power power: the 780D features the company's Moon Hybrid Power (MHP) power supply, with conductive polymer capacitors and other refinements. The 780D also includes Simaudio's Moon intelligent Network Device (MiND), a music-streaming application accessible via Ethernet or built-in WiFi. MF described the new Moon's improvements over the 650D as sounding "evolutionary rather than revolutionary"; however, when used with the best recordings at hand, "the 780D's transparency and graceful yet superbly detailed transient performance combined with an absence of . . . digital artifacts to produce what was among the most transparent, if not the most transparent digital sound I've heard." MF also observed that the 780D's manual is insufficiently helpful, especially regarding the MiND application, and that the product lacks, at least for now, support for Roon or MQA. JA uncovered nothing but "superb measured performance."


Moon by Simaudio 340i D3PX



Moon Neo 340i 融入了Simaudio三十年來的放大器設計功力,體積不算大的Moon Neo 340i ,一樣有超額供電,環形變壓器就是要比一般100瓦合併式放大器還要大,所以8奧姆阻抗下輸出100瓦的Moon Neo 340i,阻抗減半輸出功率倍增,4奧姆負載就跳到200瓦,十足大電流設計。很多發燒友喜歡純A類,Moon Neo 340i 一樣了解大家的心,在5瓦輸出功率之內,Moon Neo 340i 是採用純A類工作,需要大功率時才會變成AB類工作,這樣不僅省電,也兼顧了好聲。為了重新定義合併式放大器的內涵,Moon在Moon Neo 340i上面確實下足了功夫。



The 100Wpc Moon 340i is among the growing number of integrated amplifiers that can be upgraded with a plug-in DSD-ready DAC ($900), a plug-in phono stage with MM and MC inputs ($400), and true-balanced XLR inputs ($350). You can get all those options at the start by buying the version Simaudio calls the 340i X ($4700). HR reviewed the latter and especially enjoyed the amp's performance with his Magnepan .7 speakers: "The Simaudio's apparent speed and transparency tamed the Magnepans' inherent sweetness to the point where the .7s began to sound like the high-resolution transducers they are." HR also singled-out for praise the "ridiculously good" performance of the Moon 340i's MC phono inputs, loading characteristics of which are user-adjustable by means of internal jumper blocks, although he noted that his Zu Denon DL-103 cartridge "plays more naturally and in a more relaxed manner into 470 or 1000 ohms than into either of the 340i's choices of 100 ohms or 47k ohms." Reporting from his test bench, JA discovered lowish unbalanced line-level input impedance (7200 ohms at 20Hz and 1kHz), and heatsinking that "isn't adequate for sustained use at high powers"—but otherwise gave this Moon a clean bill of health. (Vol.39 No.3 WWW)



Moon by Simaudio 230HAD耳放

MOON 430HA 是平衡的純類比擴大機,包含使用 discrete transconductance 電路架構,可選擇的增益設定(14 or 20 dB),一個龐大的電源供應和一個類比電路。額定功率為 667mW (600 ohms)、 8 W (50 ohms),新的 430HA 可不費力的驅動耳機。

430HA 借重了許多 Evolution 的技術,並且結合成了類比音頻電路,還可以選配支援達 DSD 256 和 32bit PCM 檔案的 DAC 模塊,可讓用家搭配計算機一同使用。


The compact (7" wide by 3" high by 11" deep) Moon 230HAD is described by HR as "a fusion product"—a space-saving mashup of DAC, headphone amplifier, and line-level preamplifier. It has four digital inputs, of which its USB input supports PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD up to 11.2MHz, and two analog inputs: a pair of RCA jacks on the rear and a 1/8" jack on the front, the latter for the analog output of a portable device. On its rear panel are two pairs of single-ended (RCA) line-level output jacks, one with fixed output and the other with variable output. When using the 230HAD as a DAC-line stage, HR described its sound as "an informative, no-nonsense transparency that told me more [about] how the recording was made." (By contrast, he described the Linear Tube Audio microZOTL's transparency as telling him "more about how the music was played.") At the end of the day, HR concluded that the Simaudio's strongest element was its headphone amp; when he used the 230HAD with a different manufacturer's DAC, music "sounded extremely sweet, beautifully detailed, and super lifelike. Totally top-of-the-top headphone sound." JA's measurements confirmed that, "as a headphone amplifier, the 230HAD offers superbly low distortion [and] very high dynamic range," but he was puzzled by apparent modulation of the noise floor during some tests of its DAC section.